Level 80-85. Now you've got a choice: you can either stick with Yew Longbows or go to Magic Shortbows. If you're buying the logs, I recommend Magic Shortbows since they provide more experience. However, if you're cutting your logs afterward even in 99 woodcut it's faster to use Yew longbows rather than Magic Shortbows, as Magic Logs are much slower to cut. If you decide to stay with OSRS gold Yew Longbows you will need to make 8,484 of these. If you choose to move on to Magic Shortbows you'll have to create 7,620 of them before level 85. Nice work, you left it! I would go do something else for a while -- maybe alchemy, or market those bows you simply made and buy yourself something nice, or train other skills. Only serious fletchers need to continue beyond this stage.

Level 85-99. If you're really intent on getting to level 99 fletching, then you will have to create 53,420 Magic Longbows! Yeah, I know it's a lot but do not be put off with it. You can certainly do it and remember this can cause you millions if you'd like it to. Level 99. Congratulations! You are now among the top fletchers in RuneScape! Taken from this lovely runescape.salmoneus site. Let's focus on the core applications rather than the special. It requires the ruddy bar about 4 minutes to refill, so that I wouldn't rely upon that. If you're not into combat, then I mean either Slayer or hunting trips, which are the main uses for your own Godsword, then you can do just fine with your current weapon. If you are into combat, then the blade has a couple of basic advantages.

First is obviously the Attack bonus - it might be less than 25 percent more precise (fully outfitted, 163 using all the Godsword compared to 132 using the whip+guardian setup), but that is a massive advantage against the monster's defence ratio. It allows you to hit fairly more frequently, as far as hunting trips go. The second major benefit, is your Power bonus. You can inflict at least 6 damage points than any previous weapon you had (I believe the strongest has been Dharok's Greataxe). Lastly, there is an additional 8 points wagered bonus.

All this is very nice for hunting excursions, but for casual battle, largely Slayer, the sword is less spectacular than you might imagine. It strikes more frequently and harder, but twice as slow compared to whip. It's definitely not the melee edition of the Dark Bow, minus the Black Mask and a super attack potion to Old School RuneScape Gold compensate for the reduction of speed, I would stick with something else. Mind you, it still depends on the size of this creature (Black Demons for example, Godsword's fine there).